Artificial Intelligence-Based Image to Word Conversion Approaches

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Artificial Intelligence-Based Conversion Approaches

Current Scenario: One of the main works which come to Indian BPO’s is like converting a file from Image of any format to Word or PDF, or any other Formatted File. Resources now working on the way by seeing the Image on the screen and typing it into the word document. It is a very tedious task. Since typing by the resources causes many mistakes and making a headache for the management. Disadvantages of this model: Time Consuming (Which is affecting the revenue of the company) Manual Entry is prone to Errors.

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In our new AI-Based Approach we have written some algorithm in Machine learning to detect most of the words in

  1. English
  2. Chinese
  3. French
  4. Italian
  5. Japanese
  6. Korean
  7. Portuguese
  8. Spanish

Artificial Intelligence-Based Conversion Approaches:

Image can scan and charters can extract from it in microseconds. After that, the Document, can be created by the Automation algorithm and flush all the characters into the Document, which created. In this way, you can upload an image and wait for minutes. You will get the Document you preferred to get, you will get it with an accuracy of the 97.83 percentage in all the mentioned languages.

AI –Intelligent Error Reporting System:

After the document created, there is the process for the AI-based Intelligent Error System, In that, we are notifying possible errors in the document so that, we can verify that and revert it for about 2.17 missing accuracy percentage in the document. So that, by simple human Inter-Vision we can verify 100’s document in a day.

Ongoing Improvements:

We are currently Including the Deep Learning Algorithms that have the flexibility to add your new words which are not detected by our Machine Learning algorithms. Since this is evolving to close the 100 % Accuracy we soon we will achieve that so that 2.17 % percentage, manual Inter-fusion will also reduce and even avoided.

Over-All Advantages of this system:

Time is the major Benefit of the process, we can process 1000s of the document in a single day which improves the Business of any concern Manual Resources need can reduce at least 80 % of the Current Resources capacity by this way the HR is a team, which is very busy in finding the resources.

In the Hectic moments can avoid and funds allocated to that system can reduce. If Resources reduced, all the Infrastructure items that spent to any Office can reduce On-time Delivery ensured to all the Client enhances the Client’s reliable relationship with any concern. This model is very cost-effective compared to manual inter-fusion.

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