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How to Analyse the Keyword for Website?

How to analyse the keyword for website?

In seo there are many tools available for keyword analyse (for example Google Adwords, now renamed as Google ads). Google ads tools will generate the huge keywords ideas. In those keyword ideas, you will get the approximate min monthly search volume and max search volume, Targeted country, keyword competition, overall country wise keyword impression. If you need detailed keyword analyse contact our seo company in coimbatore.

Monthly Search Volume:

The average monthly search volumes display the average number of searches for listed keywords for your preferred location and search network. By using this option you can see the how popular your keyword is?

Targeted country:

You can choose your keyword based on your target country.

Keyword competition:

It was split into three types Low, Medium, and High competition. Is was based on the advertisers keyword bidding.


Number of impression is divided by the total number of searches for the particular keyword is called impression. If the part is dash, they don’t have an enough data


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