SSL – Online Security Solution

Accessible transactions, have become part and the drought of our lives. People share sensitive personal information, such as credit cards, login information, responsiveness. The user, while the distribution of such details connected to the network, should not feel threatened that their personal data will be used improperly. For this reason, the field of security has become the language artificial inthe impoverished. An example of this method of ensuring the security domain is SSL.

SSL or the Safe Layer of Security is the security technology that establishes an encryption of direct access between the internet server and the browser. This ensures the security of all data between the servers and the browsers.

Browsers can interact with insured network servers only via SSL protocol. For this, the browser and the server both require Layer Security Certificate. This certificate guarantees the security of the connection between the two.

Steps to follow to get an SSL Certificate:

The user that needs the certificate creates Certificate Signing Request (CSR), which is accessible on your server, and sends to the certification Authority (CA). The CA must be a trust relationship as DigiCert, etc.

Once the request is sent, the public and private keys are generated, connected to the server.

The CSR file data sent contains the public key.

The CA uses the CSR data to create the data structure that matches the private key.

However, the CAcannot see the new private key.

A SSL Certificate is received by the user.

Then, the user can install the certificate connected to your server.

An intermediate certificate is also installed in order to authenticate the credibility of the certificate.

Types of Insurance Security Layer Certificates

Domain Validated

This is the private certificate which is ideal when secure communication is performed between the client and the site. Is directly related to the domain, so that customers know that they are using theset of pages on the Internet.

Company Validated

In this type of certification, additional documentation required for the certification of the Company’s identity. Company validated certificate generates more trust in the user.

Extended Validation

Provides security against fraud through the checks carried out and additional validations. The is available in the address bar is only for this certificate. ‘’s” means secure.

Wild Card

This facilitates the encryption available, an unlimited number of domains using a single certificate.However, it is necessary that all subdomains have the same second-level domain name.


This type of certificate that allows the maximum of 210 domains. In addition, it allows the mixing of the domain names. The user can select any of these certificates, in accordance connected to your requirement. Multiple SSL  certificates credit and security in different ways. When the user visits the set of sites that haveinstalled an SSL Certificate, a padlock and or the green bar that appears accessible to the browser,which indicates safety.

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