Steps to Securing Online Privacy

Steps to Securing Online Privacy

I’m waiting for serious social freedoms and privacy issues, in virtue of the Triumph of the presidency of the republic. I strongly recommend that you take steps to protect yourself – steps I’m going to outline the little.

Now we live under the conditions that make great presidents authoritative once your mouth water with envy. The government’s ability to monitor us has never been greater. And, to the extent that the ability of the advances, the politicians and the bureaucrats to adjust their understanding of privacy and freedoms constitutional in ways that allow them to use.

The only thing that prevents them set the things of existence, it is residual in relation to the constitutionality, sustained by those in key positions. As has already been discussed in the past week, the evidence of such respect is very thin, in fact, at the entrance of the Triumph of the administration.

That’s why you love him or hate him, you need to be prepared…

Privacy Is Your Responsibility

the subject matter that’s in office, the government always finds the way to justify new methods to invade our privacy.

For example, the Department of Justice’s lawful justification for the tracking of e-mails and phone calls that is based on the old postal letter. Back to the e-mail of a snail was the king, the court determined that the information available on the outside of the letter – recipient, the return address, location of the publication – in the public domain and, therefore, available to the investigators of the government. That’s why the post office of explorations and records of each piece of mail in the U. S… every day.

This logic applies now to the metadata of every call and every email that you send. Suddenly, may apply to your browsing history on the Internet also. I simply don’t trust the Triumph’s key designated to resist the logic. So, here’s what I recommend:

Receives the Signal and/or WhatsApp to cell messages:

the Signal is sophisticated Swiss messaging app which fully encrypts all text messages. If it requires both parties to use it, so that isn’t ideal for everyone. However, Moxie Marlinspike, the founder of Open Whisper Systems, the Signal’s developer, said that there was a huge expansion of its user support from the choice.

As soon as you’ll probably find more Signalers accessible to your list of contacts as time passes connected. WhatsApp is an alternative that allows for the encryption of messages and VoIP calls. If it isn’t as secure as a Sign, because it’s the property of Facebook, whose focus on the orders of the court is uncertain, but for common purposes, to avoid the real-time monitoring of their communications.

Encrypt the computer’s hard disk drive: Full-disk encryption makes the content from your computer completely unintelligible to anyone without the password. For example, if you are detained by Homeland Security, on his return to the UNITED states, your laptop can be sought before officially joining the UNITED states, But if you’s encrypted, the law says that you must disclose the password.

Both Apple and Windows computers automatic encryption built in case if active. That’s as well for most purposes.If you want to secure your online data/ website contact the best web design company in coimbatore.

Get the administrator password:

Use the security applications and public services such as those above means to have the passwords of many of them. Don ‘t write accessible to the palm of your hand.

To obtain the administrator password is stored encrypted, of course) in one place, and generates, and even the changes of passwords for you.Personally, I use the Dashlane. Other good password administrators are the 1Password, and KeePass. I don’t recommend LastPass, another popular, due to the fact that if allowed themselves to be cut off in the past year. That’s simply is not good enough.

The use of two-factor authentication: the Majority of programs of e-mail, cloud storage, public services, banking applications, social networks, and other sensitive applications these days offer two-factor authentication (AFR).

AFR requires that each time you sign in, you can go through the secondary layer of security: the code to enter at the beginning of the session that is sent to your phone via text message. Disappears offer these codes via e-mail, but don’t use. If hackers gain access to your e-mail address, which you can get access to their accounts by having AFR codes sent to them.

The use of HTTPS on all parties to: My friends from the Electronic Frontier Foundation developed a browser plug-in for Firefox and Chrome that forces the sites that you visit using the most secure protocol connection. If encryption is available accessible the web site that you visit, for its connection with the site will be encrypted, and will be protected against the various forms of surveillance and piracy during the session.

Don’t trust available the your browser’s ”incognito mode” to do things that you don’t meant to do: Browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Microsoft the Edge to allow the beginning of the browsing session that does not’t write anything that you do during the session. None of the sites visited, cookies, transferred, or other statistics of the connection that you can clean the end of the session.”Private” exploration of ways to protect so that the lookups from your computer. But unless you’re access to encryption the site (by using HTTPS in all places, for example), that operates the site can collect all the navigation data of all modes, is already recorded by the site’s server.

Use DuckDuckGo sensitive to the research: If you’re not convinced that Google’s motto ”do evil” is nothing more than the ploy of marketing, the use DuckDuckGo, a search engine alternative that does not ‘t record your searches or any other thing about you. Produces great results, so that won’t really lose too much for the use of it in place of Google.

The use of virtual private network (VPN): VPN is the best protection that you can get accessible on the world-wide Network of computers, already that fully encrypts everything that you do, including your identity and location. Vpns can be used available both on your computers and phones.

That’s important, because, as well as Eva Galperin, global policy analyst at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, says, ”the beginning of the session to the airport, wi-fi without using the VPN is the sex without the protection of the world Network of computers.” As an additional benefit, you can also use a VPN to represent your location and get access to region blocked content streaming, such as Amazon Prime, when you are abroad.

The only drawback is that if you reduce the speed of your connection to the bit. Vpns are provided by specialized companies hosting earn about $5 per month for the service.
These techniques make add or all of the communication data and the time invisible to any one. That the use levels of encryption that would have the bank of supercomputers hundreds of years of rest.

When it comes to protecting your privacy, now is the time… because then it’s too late.

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