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Why Meta Descriptions are Important in SEO?

The meta description is popularly known as meta description attribute or meta description tag. It is an HTML(Hypertext markup language) tag. The meta description is used to summarize the content of the page and it should be creative and clickbait. The meta description should be in 120-158 characters length ( May 2020 Updated) and the size of the pixels is 920. Here we were given the code sample for meta description.

Code Sample


<meta name=”description” content=”Here we can write the meta description and the length should be in 120-158 characters length.”>


How To Write The Meta Description?

  1. The meta description should be written related to the content.
  2. The targeted keyword should be included in the meta description.
  3. It should be short and crispy. 
  4. Meta descriptions must be written for users, not for search engines.
  5. If the brand name is included in the description, it makes the additional plus point.
  6. Before writing the Meta description content, you should be researched.
  7. The description length must be in 120-158 characters or 920 pixels.

Importance of Meta Description:

  1. It will increase the click-through rate.
  2. If the click-through rate is increased SE rank will get increased.
  3. Website traffic will be increased.

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The above image describes the Search results of Webzschema

If you type “SEO Company in Tirupur” or any other keyword in Search engine google will display some relevant searches. In that search result, the First one is Title, Second is Link of the page 3rd one is Meta description. If you see more than the 158 characters in meta description like above, It was generated by google on the website’s page.

Don’t Include The Double Quotation Mark (“”):

Don’t include the double quotation (” “) mark in the meta description tag because sometimes google will cut-offs the description and your optimized description will not get displayed in Google search. To optimize your website’s meta description contact our SEO Company in Coimbatore

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