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Google SOS Alerts

What are SOS Alerts?

SOS Alerts are emergency information access during the natural or human crisis. Google bring the collective of information from the authorize website, social media and highlight those information on Google search and Google maps. This SOS Alerts includes the Emergency Contact number, Website details, Donations and more..

When will Google show an SOS Alert?

Google will look at many factors such as official content from government, authoritative organizations, and more. SOS Alerts will display in primary language of affected area and English.

  1. Not able to see SOS Alerts?
  2. Search query is too broad
  3. We may still gathering the SOS Alert information
  4. No plans to launch the SOS alert for this emergency


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The Above link is officially tweeted by the Google @searchliaison. “Google SOS Alerts show any relevant news content in our regular “Top Stories” box, followed by any relevant local updates. Currently we are showing the same alerts globally about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. Over time, these will localize if needed. Our Google SOS Alert for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus also shows Help & Information links, along with Safety Tips. We’ll update with further information as needed and relevant”

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