Indexing Vs Ranking

Indexing vs Ranking in SEO

In the Digital marketing industry, the most confusing word is Indexing and ranking. Both are different processes in Search Engine Optimization. Most of them believe google can crawl a website any time to index a website or rank a website. Here we described indexing and ranking.


The most used word in the SEO industry is Indexing. Indexing refers to add a website or webpage on the search engine rank page. The popular search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on. There are several rules followed by the search engines to index the particular webpage or website. To index, your webpage or website on popular search engines use their webmaster tools. In webmaster tools, there are options to track the websites.

Most of the search engines index the websites on their own even if you don’t have domain authority, backlinks, or sitemap. Some times websites may not index on google at that time we can use the webmaster’s tools to index the website.

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The ranking is different from the Indexing. Every search engine has a 100’s of ranking factors. Ranking factors play a big role in search engines. The ranking factors an optimized title, meta description, content, images alt text, backlinks, authority increase, and so on. Every day google release minor updates at least once or twice in a month will have a major update. Each update will improve search visibility. The ranking is based on the branding, authority, strength of the website.

To rank well on Google, you should start from the keyword analysis. To track the data, track the website use google webmaster tools. In webmaster tools, you will have great options like keyword ranking report, website link report, coverage report, sitemap report, security check, and performance report. As a professional SEO Company in Coimbatore will do all these works.

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