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    There are two types of popular website hosting companies in the market: Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. Linux hosting normally refers to web host running on Linux operating system and Windows hosting, on the other hand, runs on Windows OS like Windows Server 2003 or 2008. Both hosting services are used for running a website but the selection is to be done based on the technology used for your web application as well.

    Linux OS is open-source software whereas Windows OS is critical if you need to run Microsoft web applications (such as asp.net). If you need to support Microsoft products such as ASP, MS Access, or VBScript, then Windows hosting is better. At the same time, the mere usage of Windows for your PC does not mean that you should use Windows hosting. The site will get displayed on PCs irrespective of the operating system being used.

    Linux is more popular among the web hosting community due to its superior stability and because of open-source software. Since it is open-source software, Linux hosting is usually cheaper than Windows and at the same time, Linux is an excellent product too.

    Webzschema’s web hosting features are as follows;

    1. Email user accounts.
    2. Unlimited Web hosting for storing and transferring an unlimited number of files
    3. A contact form feature that tracks your customers’ messages
    4. Submissions to top search engines and Internet Yellow Pages directories
    5. Secure Hosting

    Once you have determined and identified what web hosting services you require for your online business, it is then time to enlist certain web hosting features and options you must consider.

    Some of the most important aspects of web hosting are:

    1. Disk space
    2. Monthly Bandwidth
    3. Server Uptime
    4. Programming tools and the OS
    5. Support, Security, and Backups
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