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Find Out If Your SEO Company Is Using Black Hat Techniques

Find Out If Your SEO Company Is Using Black Hat Techniques
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There is a possibility that your SEO company is hurting your business.

Many small businesses have placed their trust in SEO agencies only to find out that black hat techniques have destroyed their sites completely. There have been cases where struggling online startups spent thousands of dollars on advertising, only to realize they had been scammed.

My hope is that you won’t experience that. You shouldn’t waste your  money or ruin your site. Here are a few tips to help you determine if your SEO agency is doing you good or harm.

1. They Don’t Have Anything To Show

There should be something to show you from your SEO agency. Results or rankings aren’t what I’m talking about. However, you should ask the agency to show you their actual SEO practices.

A month into a contract might be too soon for significant SEO results, so do not get discouraged if the results you’re hoping for do not appear.

But the money you give them should be put to good use. Deliverables are a right that you have.

As part of the initial contract, an SEO agency may be able to offer the following services:

  • Your site should be audited for SEO
  • Analyzing your site’s link profile
  • A website with optimized content
  • Links on other websites pointing to your site

2. You’re Not Asked For Anything

Good SEO agencies will need your help. They may ask you for the following information since you are the site owner:

  • CMS access for editors or administrators
  • Google Analytics admin access or view
  • Google Webmaster Tools access
  • Social media access
  • Keywords to target
  • Penalties, audits, and work in the past

3. They Do Not Have Any Suggestions For Improvement

It is an indicator that an SEO company is up to something suspicious if they are not asking you or telling you to do certain things.

In recent years, many disreputable SEO companies have simply pointed links to your site. Their low effort is hoped to produce high results. You, their client, aren’t interested in interacting with them. It’s all about making you think that you’re receiving something valuable.

Relationships with SEO agencies should be viewed as partnerships. You must work with them if you want to succeed. Therefore, they’ll make  recommendations.

4.Techniques Can’t Be Shared

Ask your SEO what they are doing if you’re curious – and you should be.

“So, what are you guys doing exactly?”

There are several warning signs of scams in these responses:

  • “We, as an SEO company, must protect your privacy.”
  • Our business practices can’t be disclosed due to industry regulations.
  • Basically, we optimize your site for search engines.”
  • I have a lot to do. This would take a long time for explain.”
  • In a few minutes, I’ll get back to you.”

I recommend you hire a new SEO company if you get an answer like that. Authentic SEO promotes white hat practices, which have been proven to work and are regarded as legitimate. In that case, make sure they’re able to explain what they’re doing.

When they cannot, you’ve invested in a fraud. Send them on their way.


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