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It Is Important To Redesign Your Website For A Lots Of Reasons

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Your business probably does not think about redesigning until it is too late. The important point is to understand and acknowledge how critical your website is for acquiring customers and the impact it has on overall revenue and sales. All marketing efforts with a prospect must align with one another if they are to be effective.

You should consider your website as one of your most important  salespeople. Therefore, you should consider the following 6 reasons to redesign your website, since it is your key source of leads and your company’s identity.

1. Your Website Makes You Feel Embarrassed:

You might want to consider a website design if you are embarrassed to share your website address for fear of what your prospects will think. At networking events, I meet many business owners whose websites are hidden because they feel embarrassed about visitors. The company knows they need a redesign and plans to do so eventually, but just hasn’t done so yet. It is much worse to have a bad website than not have one at all, since it affects the impression customers have of your business.

2. Branding On Your Website Is No Longer Accurate:

You need to portray a strong brand that accurately represents your business and captures your brand’s essence in order to be taken seriously and regarded as a professional, credible business. Small business and entrepreneurs that have a stronger brand image are able to compete on equal footing with larger competitors.

3. The Design Trends For Your Website Are Outdated:

When a competitor has a website that is up to date with the most recent design trends and is two or three years old, it may seem outdated. Now, the latest design trends are focusing on a flat design, which uses simple, two dimensional patterns with a clean, modern appearance that works well on desktops and mobile devices. Microsoft, Apple, Starbucks, and others have embraced it for its simple, minimalistic design. As mobile usage grows, complex designs and large images will make your website harder to navigate. It is easier with a flat design.

4.  It’s Not Responsive:

An adaptive website fits any screen size of a mobile device due to its responsive design. You might consider a responsive design if a large percentage of the visitors to your website come from mobile devices. There are many mobile devices that your website visitors may use, including iPads, iPhones, Tablets, Notes, etc. Visitors can easily navigate a website through a responsive design, regardless of what device they are using. Google has also launched a new mobile friendly test to inform searchers whether a website is mobile-friendly. If you do not do this, you are inevitably going to lose credibility, click-through rate, and leads.

5. You Are Losing Mobile Visitors:

You may be losing visitors and experiencing a higher bounce rate if your website is not mobile-friendly and a significant portion of your visitors are coming from mobile devices. As a result, you will likely lose valuable leads, which will directly affect your bottom line. You can reduce your bounce rate and increase conversions with the help of a redesign that addresses this issue.

6. You Don’t Have An Updated Website That Shows Your Abilities And Offerings Are Expanding.

As your business grows and the list of services that you provide expands, this can cause customers to go somewhere else to get a service that you provide because they don’t know that you offer that particular service. Redesigning your website can help you make sure visitors and customers know everything you provide, so they are aware of every service you provide.

Bonus: Your Website Is Not Optimized For Search Engine:

You might have used a template to construct your website and/or you may have dynamic URLs. By redesigning your website, you can make the site architecture more SEO-friendly. You can optimize your website using a website redesign to include custom page URLs, H1, H2, H3 Tags, Page Titles, and Alt Tags by using a CMS that is more flexible and allows you to optimize your website more easily and efficiently.

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