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How Can We Improve The Quality Score Of Landing Pages?

How Can We Improve The Quality Score Of Landing Pages
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The first and the very important factor is that we need to know how Google calculates quality scores. Now I am going to give you a basic idea about it.

Landing Page Experience:

The quality score for this factor is calculated by measuring bounce rate, time spent on site, pages visited, etc. If there are major problems in any of these factors, then QS goes down instantly. Also, if your website doesn’t follow webmaster guidelines or has serious technical errors, it will affect QS negatively. To optimize the Landing page for your business contact our SEO Company in Coimbatore.


On every SERP search engine shows 10 ads and many organic results. So relevancy is a must for getting good for AdWords ads. Always try to create ads and landing pages with proper keyword matches.

Landing Page Load Time:

Google is getting smarter day by day. Now it shows the relevant results and evaluates every factor for showing search results in SERP. So they include landing page experience, relevancy, and most importantly, landing page load time in their calculation formula. Always try to create a fast-loading landing page because slow-loading pages will affect your website’s ranking in SERP badly. It is recommended that pages be loaded within 2 seconds and these days internet speed has increased, so you don’t need to worry about that much!

Ad Relevance & Quality:

Your ad copy should be created very carefully. The text or message in your ad should be relevant to the keyword you use. For example, if someone searches for ‘used cars under 50000’, the text inside your ad should be related to ‘you are selling used cars below $50’000’.


When users land on your site, they must get what was promised in your ads. So always try to create offers that are attractive and can grab the attention of users instantly. This is one of the most important factors which decides the QS of the landing page because the offer is the main thing behind CTR (click-through rate). If the user doesn’t feel interested in your offer, he will not click it even if it has a good quality score.

Landing Page Design & Structure:

Your landing page must be designed as per your offer. For example, If you are selling anything online, the landing page design should be so attractive that it leads to conversion.

Conversion Rate:

Your landing page design and structure should encourage users to take action. So always try to create a logical flow leading the user from one point to another, finally reaching a point where they will convert. It is possible only if your website is mobile-friendly and has the fastest loading speed.

Use Of Negative Keywords:

Negative keywords play an important role in QS calculation because if someone searches for something specific like ‘dog food’ and you use this keyword in your ad but don’t have any offer related to dog food, Google reads it as your ad doesn’t have good relevancy, so QS goes down. Always use negative keywords in your ads to avoid such situations.

Landing Page Location:

Your website should be easily accessible by Google crawlers. For this, you need to submit sitemaps of your website to Google webmaster tools. If google can’t access your site, then it will affect landing page quality score badly!


You should have a clear call-to-action for users because they will bounce back if they are not aware of what you want them to do after visiting the page! So always try to create an actionable message which directs the user’s attention towards specific actions like buying something, filling out a form, etc.

Volume Of Keywords:

If you have a large number of keywords in your account, it is always good to keep low QS ad copies for some particular terms because Google doesn’t like showing the same ads repeatedly. So try to maintain the balance.

Bounce Rate:

It is the ratio of users who left your website from where they entered, i.e., it is a percentage of users who visited only one page on your site and didn’t go further in the funnel. If the bounce rate is high, then this means that something is going wrong with your landing page, so try to analyze this metric and fix it.

Landing Page Quality:

Landing Page Quality is a type of QS calculation where Google takes the performance of landing pages into account while ranking them for AdWords campaigns. The higher your landing page quality, the more clicks you get. In other words, landing page quality signifies how relevant your offer is with what users search for on Google.

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