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What is Keyword Research and Why it’s Important for Internet Marketers?

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What is Keyword Research and Why it’s Important for Internet Marketers?

Keywords are the words or phrases that people type into a search engine when they’re looking to buy something. For example, if you looking for an website design company that they design websites, “website design company in Coimbatorecould be your keyword. If someone types this phrase (or one like it) into Google and clicks on one of your ads or your organic search results, you’ll get some conversion!

What Happens After You’ve Identified A Profitable Keyword?

You use SEO tools to research competition and traffic stats: both of which will help you determine your chances of ranking high in organic search results and generating significant amounts of targeted traffic.

There are four factors to consider about any given keyword:

1. Competition
2. Traffic (volume)
3. CPC (value for your business) and
4. Difficulty getting a top ranking in search results.

You might find that it’s easy to get a top 10 organic result, but very hard to rank number one. In this case, the competition is tough and people aren’t searching for that keyword as often, so the traffic isn’t huge, but you can get clicks at a fraction of what you’d pay if you were at the top of the rankings instead of page two or three.

A lower CPC with decent traffic is more profitable than an expensive high-volume term! This “sweet spot” is where most businesses want to be – generating lots of traffic with a little investment. Once you’ve found a keyword this is a good fit for, you can use an SEO tool to track your rankings and monitor how well it’s converting.

In some cases, the value of a particular keyword may be very small, or difficult or impossible to rank for – then it might be worth targeting another more valuable one. Choosing keywords that are directly related to the services and products on your website will help improve click-through rates from search results and give Google all the information they need to classify your site as relevant to that term (and push up your page rankings). If you want a best keyword research for your business contact our SEO Companies in Coimbatore

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